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World Youth Day

Come to Poland for World Youth Day!

In July 2016, the Polish city of Krakow will host World Youth Day. More than two million young people from all over the world will visit the city on the Vistula River to hear and see Pope Francis. The Polish authorities have set up a special team responsible for the organization of the largest world youth meeting to be held in 2016.

Poland has been preparing for World Youth Day since July 2013, when Pope Francis announced that Krakow would host the next youth meeting. He chose this city for its strong ties with Saint John Paul II. The Polish pope was not only closely connected to Krakow throughout his life as a priest, he also initiated World Youth Day. The first such meeting took place in Rome in 1985. Since then, it has taken place every two or three years in various places around the globe. Registration has been running for several months now.

“So far, already more than half a million people have registered, whereas before WYD in Madrid, in January 2011, the number was only 200,000. This time around, two months earlier, it is already twice as much,” Father Adam Parszywka, spokesman for Krakow WYD, tells Polska.pl

WYD is a significant challenge for the Polish government, which has set up a special team responsible for preparing his Holiness Pope Francis’s visit to the Republic of Poland in 2016 and supporting the organization of WYD 2016 in Krakow. The team is headed by Minister Beata Kempa from the Chancellery of the Prime Minister. Also, a government representative for WYD organization, PaweÅ‚ Majewski, began his work in early December. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has set up a team responsible for supporting the event’s organization, directed by the foreign minister’s plenipotentiary for the organization of WYD 2016, Ambassador Jerzy Chmielewski. Both teams coordinate their work with the main organizer of WYD - the Archdiocese of Krakow.

The organisers estimate that the central events in and near Krakow may attract up to 2.5 million people. The organisational committee is in constant contact with the episcopates of more than 110 countries from all continents. Even people from such remote places as the Easter Islands, Samoa, and Saudi Arabia, are planning to come to Krakow.
More information about World Youth Day can be found on the website www.Polska.pl

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